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For the best tree service Pewaukee, WI has to offer, call A Cut Above Tree Service and Landscaping. Our friendly, professional arborists have a thorough understanding of tree care and plant biology. More importantly, they are committed to providing the professional tree care that Pewaukee’s property owners deserve.

A Cut Above Tree Service offers:

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Our Pewaukee, WI Tree Services

We offer the following tree services in Pewaukee, WI and throughout Waukesha county:

Tree Removal

For many Wisconsin property owners, tree removal is a necessary evil. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes trees are so damaged or diseased that the only option is to have them removed. Leaving a dying tree in place often puts the structures and people on a property at risk. If you have a dying or storm damaged tree that needs to be removed, contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Stump Removal and Grinding

While we cannot replace the sentimental value of a tree that must be removed, we can restore the grade of the land, making it easier for property owners to restore the look and value of their property after an unsightly tree or stump is removed. Our stump removal process involves three phases: grinding out the stump to roughly a foot (8 - 14 inches) below the grade, backfilling the hole left behind, and then wood chipping the debris for your use. We can often create firewood or mulch from the debris, and if you don’t need the mulch, we can remove it and any other excess debris for an additional fee.

Tree Care

If you’re like most Pewaukee property owners, you cherish your trees. That means that you understand that just like your other property and landscaping, your trees need regular care and maintenance. Routine tree care promotes healthy root development and growth, and it can help with early identification of tree health problems that may prevent permanent damage or loss.

Our tree care packages can include:

  • Storm damage repair and emergency tree services
  • Hazardous tree limb removal
  • Branch removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning

Bush and Shrub Trimming

Why bring in a separate shrub trimming service when our arborists are already on your property caring for your trees? Our shrubbery services include branch trimming, branch removal and plant health assessments.

Wood Chipping, Mulch and Firewood

Just because you need a tree removed doesn’t mean you can’t still put your precious wood to good use. We can recycle your valuable Pewaukee tree wood into mulch or firewood so that you get every last penny of value from it. Our coarse mulch is great for providing trees and shrubs seasonal protection against extreme temperatures.

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